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" ..The State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the unified State of all nationalities living together in the land of Vietnam. The State implements the policy of equality unity and mutual assistance among the nationalities and strictly prohibits all national discrimination and division behaviours. The nationalities have the right to use the spoken and written languanges, preserve the national identity and promote the customs, habits, fine traditions and cultures of their own.
The State implements the policy of all-sided development and step by step improves the material and spiritual life of ethnic minorities..."

(Article 5, Constitution of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam)

"...Be they Kinh or Tho, Muong or Man, Gia-rai or Ede, Xo-dang or Ba Na and other ethnic minorities, fellow-countrymen are all sons and daughters of Vietnam blood brothers and sisters. Through thick and thin we share together joy and hardship, and help mutually in any circumstance. The country and the Government are common to all of us. Therefore, our people of all nationalities must unite closely to defend our country and support our Govemment. Rivers may dry up and mountains may eroda but our unity has never diminished .."

Ho Chi Minh
Letter to fhe Congress of Southern Ethnic Minorities
Pleiku April 19,1946


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